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Our Farm

Our Farm is located in Fung Kat Heung, Kam Kin. The covered area is about 100,000 square feet. We are an organic farm certified by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre (HKORC) for crop production and is accredited by iFOAM. There are over 50 types of certified crops in the record. Other than wholesale vegetables, we also have our own retail stores in Tsuen Wan. End consumers can also order directly from our online store. It is our goal to deliver healthy local organic food to the customers at reasonable prices.

Our Vision

Without healthy food,

there is no healthy body;

Without a healthy environment,

there is no healthy life.

We adhere to the principles of organic farming for planting crops. While doing our agricultural processes, we also take into account of environmental friendliness, biodiversity and sustainability.


About Organic Farming

Most agriculture works under mass production operations by using large amounts of synthetic fertilizers to shorten the growth cycle of crops. There may be genetic engineered seed used to make crops more attractive or increasing pest resistant ability. Even worst there may be excessive harmful pesticides which will become residues inside the crop. This kind of farming process not only increases the risk of food safety, but also directly impoverishes the cultivated field. The excess chemicals and pesticides will also affect the ecosystem or causing water pollution.


Organic farming values the protection of ecosystems, keeping the sustainability of the resources such as cultivated field and water, as well as protecting the biodiversity in our production systems and its surroundings. We only use organic fertilizers and ecologically based pest control methods. We will not use any genetically modified derivatives. This is to ensure that our cultivated field and the ambient environment will not be affected or polluted.  This is the way we produce healthy and safe crops by using organic farming.

Okinawa Bitter Gourd
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